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    Share your research findings and results with us. 共享研究成果与发现。

    Welcome experts and scholars in the fields of Computational Chemistry and Biology from all over the world. 热烈欢迎来自世界各地的计算化学与计算生物等相关领域的专家学者参加ICCCB 2018!

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    Submit your papers or abstracts to ICCCB 2018. ICCCB 2018接受全文或摘要投稿。

    You're welcome to submit research papers or abstracts for presentation and publication. 欢迎您投稿全文或摘要到ICCCB 2018并发表文章和报告!

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    Extend communication and cooperation in Hong Kong. 促进学术与商业等交流合作。

    ICCCB 2018 which will be held in Hong Kong during December 27-29, 2018 provides platform for communication and cooperation. ICCCB 2018将于2018年12月27-29日在香港召开。旨在促进学术与商业等交流合作。

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Committee 委员会 (Brochure Download)

2018 2nd International Conference on Computational Chemistry and Biology (ICCCB 2018) will be held in Hong Kong during December 27-29, 2018. The conference group sincerely invite any potential experts or scholars (PhD holder) to help better organizing the conference, to improve better communication and to make better quality papers. If you are interested, please send your brief resume to icccb-info@cbees.net for application.

Conference Chairs 大会主席

Prof. José Manuel Fonseca, New University of Lisbon, Portugal

Prof. Taesung Park, Seoul National University, South Korea

Program Chairs 大会程序主席

Prof. Chanchal K. Mitra, University of Hyderabad, India

Prof. Prasanta K. Panigrahi, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, India

Technical Committee 技术委员会

Prof. Alberto Balfagón Costa, Universidad Ramón Llull, Spain

Prof. André Damas Mora, UNINOVA, Portugal

Prof. Robert J. Forster, Dublin City University, Germany

Prof. Şeniz Özalp Yaman, Atilim University, Turkey

Prof. Efroni Sol, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Assoc. Prof. João Manuel R. S. Tavares, Universidade do Porto, Portugal

Assoc. Prof. Amalia Aggeli, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Assoc. Prof. Gao Yong, University of British Columbia, Canada

Assist. Prof. Hakan Kayi, Atilim University, Turkey

Dr. Ismael Diez Pérez, University of Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Mario Acosta, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Dr. Armando Aguilar Melendez, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Dr. Pedro Gabriel Ferreira, University of Porto, Portugal

Dr. Bing Liu, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Dr. Deeptak Verma, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

Dr. Quang Vinh Nguyen, Western Sydney University, Australia

Dr. Wei-Fu Lu, Asia Unviersity, Taiwan

Assoc. Prof. Yi-Cheng Chen, MacKay Medical College, Taiwan

Assoc. Prof. Jie Han, University of Alberta, Canada

Dr. Doris Quay Huai Xia, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

Prof. Anisoara Cimpean, University of Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Animesh Acharjee, University of Birmingham, UK

Assoc. Prof. Adel Ali Al-Jumaily, University of Technology, Australia

Prof. DoHoon Lee, Pusan National University, South Korea

Prof. Prasad Shastri, University of Freiburg, Germany

Prof. Kuo-Chen Chou, The Gordon Life Science Institute, USA

Dr. Zati Hakim Binti Azizul Hasan, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Assoc. Prof. Bhaskar Biswas, IIT (BHU), India

Dr. Patrizio Arrigo, CNR ISMAC, Italy


Latest News 最新消息

October 30, 2018


Submission deadline of ICCCB 2018 has been extended to November 15, 2018.

September 05, 2018


Prof. Prasanta K. Panigrahi from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, India will sit as one of the Program Chairs.


August 25, 2018


Prof. Taesung Park from Seoul National University, South Korea will deliver a talk in ICCCB 2018.

Before November 15, 2018
On November 30, 2018
Before December 10, 2018


On December 27-29, 2018
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